Amerykańska klasyka w nowym wydaniu. Fabrycznie prekonfigurowana z 10,5-calowym ramieniem oraz wkładką Grado. Cena - 4000 dolarów

The Table:
– Walnut Classic 2 body
– 24 volt AC synchronous motor assembly
– Built in 24 volt power supply to feed the motor a pure signal
– External step down power supply to keep line voltage away from the turntable which lowers noise and gives cooler motor running
– 20 pound 2 inch thick aluminum Classic platter with inverted bearing

The Arm:
– 10.5” Gimbaled Tonearm
– Low friction ABEC-5 pre-loaded ball bearings
– Standard VPI Classic 2 premium Tonearm mount
– VTA (vertical tracking adjustment) on the fly
– Precision adjustable counter weight
– Adjustable Anti-skate

The Cartridge, Grado Companion:
– Custom made Grado for VPI
– 1.5 millivolt output
– Very low inductance, works right into a moving coil input
– Stylus and cantilever from the Grado Statement Sonata
– Replaceable stylus assembly. You can replace or you can upgrade!
– Threaded aluminum mounting plate for damping, mass, and ease of installation
– Sounds like no other $600 cartridge you’ve ever heard!

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Tags: gramofon, VPI