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Wireworld® Now Shipping Nano Series

Patented DNA Helix® design delivers sonic superiority in surprisingly small package

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—May 2015—Wireworld Cable Technology, a respected manufacturer of high-performance audio and video cables, is now shipping a brand-new series of ultra-light and flexible audio cables for use with headphones and other portable audio devices. The Nano series will include four level options, Pulse™, Nano-Eclipse™, Nano-Silver Eclipse™, and Nano-Platinum Eclipse™—each level utilizing patented Wireworld technology to provide dramatic sonic benefits.

“We are thrilled with the performance and quality of the Nano Series which we’ve designed specifically to optimize the fidelity of headphones and portable devices,” said Wireworld’s president and founder, David Salz. “This product category is important to the millions of people playing music from smartphones through car stereos and other music systems. In addition, the growing popularity of headphones is creating a larger market of consumers who want a higher-fidelity listening experience. The Nano series offers a range of solutions to address these needs, advancing the portable-music revolution with American ingenuity.”

The Nano series represents a breakthrough: They are the smallest cables to utilize Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix® design to channel the energy of the electromagnetic signal more efficiently, providing greater detail and dynamics. All four models also utilize Wireworld’s proprietary Composilex® 2 insulation, which minimizes triboelectric noise for surprisingly lifelike tone quality.

With molded plugs and oxygen-free copper conductors, the Pulse™ brings the advantages of this leading edge cable design down to popular pricing at $40 (1.5m), to put greatly improved sound quality within the reach of many more consumers. The Nano-Eclipse™ has Ohno Continuous Cast® (OCC) copper conductors and a suggested retail price of $175 (1.5m). The Nano-Silver Eclipse™ features OCC silver-clad copper conductors and a suggested retail price of $250 for 1.5m. And, featuring carbon-fiber plugs and OCC solid-silver conductors for uncompromised performance, the Nano-Platinum Eclipse™ has a suggested retail price of $575 (1.5m).

Nano cables are available with mini jacks and the most popular headphone terminals in a variety of standard and custom lengths. “A perfect audio cable would transfer every sonic detail from one component to the next as if they were docked directly together,” comments Salz. “We are proud to say that Wireworld is the only company that follows through on this essential concept by designing cables to provide the closest sound to a direct connection. Our current cable designs incorporate the knowledge gained from over 30 years of continuous development based on this unique objective approach.”

All models of the Nano series are shipping now.

About Wireworld

Wireworld Cable Technology, founded by industrial designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading-edge digital and analog cable technology for home audio speakers and video components, from HDMI and USB audio to state-of-the-art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. Wireworld earned its world-class reputation by producing superior cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative-patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality. For more information, visit: www.wireworldcable.com.

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