"Domowy" referencyjny system koreańskiej manufaktury Pyon Sound. Robi wrażenie nawet na największych cynikach

1. Speaker: Electrovoice Patrician II in gray finish
One 762mm (30″) woofer,
One 305mm (12″) mid bass woofer,
One 50mm compression midrange driver
One constant directivity miderange horn,
One 25mm compression tweeter with bi-radial horn
125 Kg (276 lbs) heavy, 920W x 1700H x 525D (mm)
2. Power amp: Pyon Aria GM70 mono blocks
Pure Class A 20 watts rated output into 4-8-16 ohm
3. Full-Function Preamp: Antiphon Conductor Statement
Full transformer input-output design
Full transformer-tube regulated power supply design
Tubes – two 12AT7 & two 12AU7 for linestage
four 12AX7 for phonostage
4. Line Preamp: Absolare Pure line preamp
Using one Mullard CV4003 tubes per chanel
5. Analogue source
– Turntable: Pyon Ultima with IRIS 12 tonearm (taken for upgrade)
– Cartridge: Steinmusic Aventurine 6L
6. Digital source
– Altis Cetaurus transport with external power supply
– Altis Ultima DA processor with external discrete power supply
– Steinmusic DX3002 Active Digital Cable
7. Power Line: One dedicated 50A socket for power amps
One dedicated 30A socket for sources
8. Power Conditioning:
– Antiphon Music Base Grand isolation transformer (7000 watts)
– Antiphon Music Base isolation transformer (3500 watts)
9. Wiring and Connection
– Speaker cable: Echole Obssession 8′ pair
– Interconnectors: Echole Obssession 1M pair between the DAC and the preamp,
Echole Obssession 1.5M pair between the preamp and the mono blocks,
Steinmusic Signature 1M pair between the IRIS One SE phonostage and the line preamp,
Various Pyon Cumstom interconenctors made of 6N solid silver or solid silver-gold conductors
– Power cords: Echole Obssession 6ft,
Pyon Silver powercables made of 2mm-thick 6N solid silver core conductors
Pyon Copper powercables made of 2mm-thick 6N solid copper conudctors
10. Accessories: Pyon Sound SPIRA tuning feet under all electronics
Pyon Sound PWC03 & DPS03 cones-shoes for speakers
Pyon Sound Tankwood Resonators for DACs
11. Room: 16ft wide x 24ft long x 9.5ft high
Acoustic Panel wall treatment
Acoustic Lens installation on front & side walls

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