Zamiast wysokoskutecznych kolumn, tym razem Amerykanie proponują konsolę z wbudowanymi głośnikami w stylistyce Bauhausu. Cena 7800 dolarów  może sprawić, że będzie to najdroższy mebel w domu 

Zu Modern integrates Bauhaus design philosophy, creating a total work of art by combining all arts and architecture: American Mid-Century Modern, which took from Bauhaus and combined emerging technologies of the modern world, pushing design, engineering, and fabrication to truly inspirational levels; and Zu Audio’s proficiency in engineering and building intelligent, realistic sounding audio systems.

Sure this stereo console looks gorgeous, and yet it sounds even better. Its unrivaled bandwidth, timing, presence and relaxed easy to love fidelity give the listener a spacious, naturally resolving, room-filling playback experience, all while looking and handling like the premium furniture it is.

How do we get realistic high-fidelity sound from this looks-first but apparently lo-fi form? Simple, we know how sound works and what makes playback emotionally engaging—this is after all furniture engineered and made by Zu Audio.

First, we made sure the architectural design supported a matched set of Zu Nanotech 10” full-range speaker-drivers. Next, we were set on fitting the Zu Submission subwoofer engineering into the bottom section. Third, structural and wave mechanics engineering of both sections to tone down cabinet resonance. And finally, like icing on the cake, float the top half from the bottom using magnetic levitation—and make it easy to adjust. Yep, the top section (the full-range drivers, shelving and turntable deck) floats above the bottom subwoofer section, further minimizing deleterious structural vibrations ensuring your needle-in-groove remains totally happy, even at club-level playback.

Designed to look fantastic, engineered to sound the equal, built to last generations.

Specifications / Electroacoustic, Basic

Bandwidth: 20–20,000 CPS

Impedance: 8 Ω

Efficiency: 99 dB-SPL

Dynamic Range: 120 dB SPL

Full-Range Recommend Power: 2–100 W/Ch

Full-Range Efficiency: 99 dB-SPL

Full-Range Bandwidth: 60–20,000 CPS

Full-Range Impedance: 8 Ω

Subwoofer Recommend Power: 500–1000 W

Subwoofer Efficiency: 80 dB-SPL

Subwoofer Bandwidth: 20–160 CPS

Subwoofer Impedance: 8 Ω

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