Świetna okazja, żeby dobrze zainwestować pieniądze! Beatlesowski "The White Album" z numerem A0000001 trafił na aukcję, która potrwa jeszcze tylko przez kilka dni, do 10 sierpnia 2013 r.. Czy padnie rekordowa cena? Otwarcie wyniosło 10 tys. dolarów. Heritage Auctions, prowadząca licytację, spodziewa się, że płyta może kosztować 20-30 tys. dolarów. Szczegóły - poniżej.

The Beatles [„The White Album”] Lowest-Possible Numbered A0000001 Copy LP, U.S. Pressing (Apple 101, 1968). In our December 2012 Auction #7064, Heritage sold the White Album #A0000023 for $13,750 (Lot 46242) after quite a battle between seven bidders. How much more important is this offering? A MT 10 album sleeve with the number you never thought you’d get to see is now available to some lucky bidder. Included is the original poster and four individual photos along with a set of two EX 7 records (not original to this album). Please note: this album did not originally come with records; this set has been added just in case the winning bidder wants them. Also included is a very informative handwritten Letter of Authenticity dated April 2, 1989, from Clifford J. Yamasaki of Let It Be Records in San Francisco. It reads, in full: „This is to certify that ___ purchased Beatles 'White Album’ number: A0000001 in mint condition on this date. It is one of approximately two dozen copies given out as early promotional items to the Beatles and top Capitol Records executives. I purchased said copy from one of the above executives in the early 1970’s. Said executive was head of the classical division at Capitol Records. The 'White Album’ number A0000001 was shown at a Beatles Convention one time only. 'White Album’ copies with this number A0000001 were never sealed with records or sold to the public. I certify that all of the above is true and correct.” Estimate: $20,000 – up.

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