Można nie wierzyć w kable, kondycjonery, podstawki, półki i stoliki, ale nikt nie ma prawa wątpić w porządną szczoteczkę do czyszczenia płyt i sprzętu. My w redakcji używamy bobrowego pędzelka Jeana-Paula Gaultiera, ale specjalistyczna miotełka Furutecha to też nie byle co!

 Improve sound and picture quality with the new SK-III electrostatic AV brush from Furutech

Japanese cable and accessories experts Furutech launch the new SK-III electrostatic brush, cleverly designed to remove unwanted static charge from a range of audio-visual media, enhancing sound and picture quality.

Originally developed by SFC of Japan, the patented SK-III electrostatic brush is a new and improved version of the earlier SK-II and has already proved to be a hit in its local market – including in some unexpected places.

“If it’s good enough for the Japanese Police Force…”, says Chris Green of Sound Fowndations, Furutech’s UK distributor, referring to the fact that the SK-III has become the Force’s trusted choice in crime scene investigations thanks to its reliability and effectiveness in removing tiny dust particles and static interference. But enough about fingerprinting, here we’re concerned with improving sound and picture quality. It’s well-known among aficionados of high-performance audio and home cinema that by removing electrostatic charge from audio and visual media, clear improvements in sound and picture quality can be achieved.

The problem of static

The more we use our beloved media – whether vinyl or digital disks – the more dust and fingerprints we leave on their surfaces. In wiping them with cloths and cleaning fluids, we then inadvertently electrostatically charge our media. Add to this the static charge resulting from the simple action of removing them from their protective cases or covers, and you’re looking at about 300-500V of frictional static electricity in an average CD and around ten times that for vinyl LPs!

When our media are played in this statically charged state, sounds tend to become clouded: vowel sounds become thin while lower range sounds can’t be heard to their full potential. In the case of vinyl, any scratches will generate additional noise due to the sparks caused by static charge.

A simple and effective solution

By using the SK-III to lightly brush the surface of LPs, CDs or DVDs in a circular motion, the sound and/or picture quality can be improved due to the effective removal of both tiny dust particles and electrostatic charge.

The SK-III uses a combination of natural goat hair surrounded by patented static discharge fibres made from specially structured and treated acrylic. The goat hair, which is very fine and soft, is perfect for carefully removing tiny dust particles from grooves without leaving the slightest mark or blemish. The static discharge fibres are chemically coated with copper sulfide to be electrically conductive, and are set back 15mm from the tip of the brush so that only the soft goat hair touches your media, ensuring the gentlest of care.

The SK-III also features a new rhodium-coated metal grounding sleeve for enhanced conductivity, as well as 10% more super-fine static discharge fibres compared to its predecessor, the SK-II.

Portable and easy to use, the SK-III is ideal for vinyl LPs, CDs and DVDs as well as with loudspeaker drive units, LCD and plasma screens, and AV projector lenses. It comes with a clear plastic cover to keep the bristles of the brush well protected.

Pricing and availability

The SK-III electrostatic AV brush is available now, priced at £110.

About Furutech

Founded in 1988, Tokyo-based Furutech designs and manufactures an extraordinary range of analogue and digital, power and coaxial A/V cables and related accessories. The company also offers a full line of elegantly engineered and designed power distribution and filter components, and makes a wide range of the highest quality OEM A/V connectors and other signal transfer parts including power, speaker, IEC and specialized hyper audio quality outlet receptacles.

Furutech’s pure transmission design concept seeks to improve every element of signal transmission, from the AC to the speaker. All metal components are treated with Furutech’s proprietary 2-Stage Alpha Cryogenic and Ring Demagnetization Process during manufacture, ensuring the lowest achievable levels of distortion and noise.

The company’s mission is to build the best possible products at a price/performance ratio that deeply satisfies every customer.

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